While we strongly encourage membership in the IPMS/USA

Society it is not required to attend and enter models at this Regional

Convention. We do offer a $5 discount on entry fees to IPMS members.


CONTEST DEFINITIONS AND JUDGING II                                                                                                                                                                   The Regional Model Contest portion of the convention shall

Be conducted in full compliance with the currently published IPMS/USA

Judges Competition Handbook as found on the IPMS/USA website



IPMS/USA Judging standards will be used throughout the convention contest.

Basic modeling skills finish realism and accuracy will be the primary consideration for determining awards as per competition handbook.

No Judge may rule on a category in which he or she is entered.




1.      We are not providing any closed booth for Adult themed entries at the request of the Sumter County Civic Center. This is a family oriented event and all entries and vendors must abide by the IPMS/USA Policy on nudity and explicit adult themes.   

2.      The Theme Award “The Atomic Age” is a subject that best portrays a nuclear weapons or nuclear powered weapon system during the cold war years of 1945 to 1989.

3.      We also encourage modelers to bring as many models as possible. We are providing display only tables those models that are not eligible or for those you do not wish to enter the contest with but wish to show off anyways such as special collections, nationals and regional winners etc. 

4.      IPMS, IPMS Sumter, the Judges and the Sumter County Civic Center assume no liability for damaged models. Although accidents can happen every reasonable effort will to ensure model security will be made. Entry in the contest is regarded as agreement to these terms.

5.      Models that have won any previous Nationals cannot be entered in the contest. They can be shown on the display only tables.

6.      We require models entered to remain on the display tables until the 1,2,3 awards are placed besides the winners. If you pull them off early we do not guarantee getting your award!

7.      IPMS Sumter reserves the right to refuse anyone entry to the convention, for any reason.         


                 "All AMPS categories will be judged using standard AMPS National Contest Rules and Procedures with the following exceptions:


1. The figure category will be modified to accept ALL military figures regardless of scale, subject or historical era.*

2. The vignette category will be modified to accept ALL military figure vignettes, again, regardless of scale, subject or historical era.*

3. The special "Naked Model" category will be judged using modified AMPS scoring.  See the AMPS Central SC website for full eligibility and judging details for this category.


*Eligibility in the figure categories has been expanded to include subjects older than 1899 in order to avoid duplicate IPMS categories by allowing figure modelers to enter military figures into a single category regardless of subject or historical era."